Hillel Fuld


Hillel Fuld Website and Promotional Videos

Israel’s leading tech marketer Hillel Fuld had a problem. He was involved in so many exciting projects, people frankly didn't know just what is was that he did.  Hillel needed a digital calling card. So we set out to build him a one page concept site.


Brand Genetics

“I help Israeli tech go Boom”.  We got to work strategizing Hillel’s personal brand essence.  Finally, we distilled what we thought was a winner: I make Israeli tech go Boom.  Hillel connected with the concept, but added an essential tweak.  “I don't make Israeli tech go boom.  I help Israeli tech go boom.” Nailed it. And that’s what we are here for, to help entrepreneurs tell their story.  

Film, Animation, Art Production, Advertising

Launch Website






A picture is worth a thousand words.  So how many words does a compelling video header add up to?  The header is a way to nonverbally communicate the essence of the brand.  We wanted to paint picture, without being overbearing on the messaging.  


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Hillel Fuld Corporate Commercial

“Hillel Fuld - Day In the Life” was an attempt to portray just that.  How does Hillel Fuld spend his days?  It would take us countless days, and months of production, to effectively capture the multifaceted value Hillel lends to the Israeli startup ecosystem.  As script writing gave way into audio capture, filming, post-production editing, and after effects, we slowly gave rise to Hillel’s ideal 30 second digital calling card.








Hillel’s website was designed to profile the five facets of his work:  Whats New (social feeds), Thought Leader (writing), Strategic Advisor (companies), Word on the Street (testimonials), Say Hi (contact CTA).  Each section relayed a core component his activities, and did so in a language that resonated with the overall brand. The “Say Hi” CTA was particularly designed to fit Hillel’s desire to be helpful, and tachlis (direct) at the same time.








Hillel Fuld Vlog intro

When Hillel started posting weekly videos, he needed an intro that would engage his audience, represent who he is, and express the extent to which he's involved with the startup nation.